How long does a torch on a roof last?

Roofing is the most important part for any of the house. As a result, one should take proper means of protecting the roof. It will help you in keeping you safe from the outer extreme conditions in the external environment. This will result in making you live comfortably in your home without worrying about the heat loss from the roof and its damage from the roof.

Many different kinds of roofs are there which are designed to suit the climatic conditions of a particular location. One should thereby make a proper choice in selecting the right roofing solution for them which can provide them with the best safety solution with the desired aesthetics. This will ultimately improve the resale value of the house.

Brief about the Torch on the roof

The torch which is used over the roof is composed of the combination of asphalt and resin. They are highly resistant to be damaged by the weather, debris or pests which might be present over there. In the case when you are living in a wet climate you can opt for the choice which can provide you the best protection for making it last longer.

If you are having commercial or residential roofing which is requiring repair or re-roofing then it will require high-quality torch over the roof. One should also consider insuring the roofing for their home. Torch applied over the roofing is similar to the tar and gravel roofing but it is lighter material. Using this will eliminate the possibility of drainage and will provide a good quality of blockage.

There will not be any of the noxious or even the unpleasant fumes during the installation process which might arise during the use of tar or gravel. As the torch provided is having sufficient precautions without the presence of any kind of leakages, it will help you and your family to remain safe from the outside environments.

The lifecycle of a torch on the roof

It is important to know about the time duration for which the Torch which is used on the roof will last. This will help us in getting a clear idea about the time for which we can be rest assured about the roofing. Normally the torch over the roof will last for about 10 years, but this time period depends on many factors like its quality, external conditions, regular cleaning and so on.

One should focus on leaks, moss and algae growth, instability and excessive cleaning and maintenance which are going to affect the life cycle. All these parameters should be handled with proper precautions and in a manner as it is recommended to get the most productive time from the torch which is used over your roof.


Thus, we can say that Torch is an important part of the roof which is to be used in a proper manner. One should properly maintain them in order to get the most productive output from the same. It will result in good quality roofing for your home giving you protection from the external conditions.