Waterproofing, an easy to install flat roofing system that is no bother to repair and maintain.

A solid and dependable method for flat-roofed buildings, 2-torch ply roofs are known to maintain their integrity for more than 25 years with few leaks or wear. It is usually understood to most property owners that in order to keep the values of their real estate competitive, they must be willing to put in solid investments on their properties that last, and a 2-Torch ply roofing system is a solution that lasts.

2-Torch ply is a very affordable, simple, and reliable solution. We use only the best supplies from the best North American manufacturers, and for our 2-Torch systems we use Soprema products who have been shown to provide the best solutions in the waterproofing industry for over 30 years.


Our top waterproofing layers are mostly made with SBS adapted bitumen and incorporate a fortification of non-woven polyester or glass mat, created by Soprema and their innovative designers to provide remarkable strength and imperviousness to ALL climate conditions.

Our Pro Torch Roofing experience insures that your strata roofing project is completed efficiently with as minimal inconvenience as possible. Our goal is to complete your project with the greatest consideration for all of the occupants of the building and we work hand in hand with property management to insure we complete the job professionally, quickly and with as little impact to the residents as possible.

Pro Torch Roofing provides quality service to every project. We supply the finest roofers with specialized equipment capable of successfully completing any project. What makes us different from any other company is our honesty, efficient work, and communication. Each step will be explained with precise details leaving you reassured and satisfied.

Our mission is simple, provide quality service for an affordable price that gets the project done without any hassle. Our Safety Manager is certified  with the latest courses and requirements guarantying a successful and safe job.