2ply Torch on Roofing


What is 2ply Torch On Roofing?

One of the most popular and trusted methods for roofing, a torch on roof–or 2ply torch on– involves a layer of fiberglass and polyester reinforced by two layers of rubber bitumen (asphalt) that is sealed together using a blowtorch, hence the name. 2ply torch on roofing is a durable method for flat-roofed buildings, often maintaining their integrity for about 25 years with little to no leaks or wear.

Benefits of 2ply Torch On Roofing

Flat-roofed buildings run the risk of collecting snow, rain, and ice for long periods of time. This can cause leaks, breaks, and significant deterioration of the roof structure. This can often lead to very bad, and very costly, damage to both the roof and the building infrastructure as a whole.Torch-on roofs are not only waterproof, but they are also sun-proof, meaning they won’t melt, break down, or over-heat in the sun. They tend to need less repairs over time for small punctures or for basic maintenance, so you can go almost two decades without having to worry about the status of your roof.If you are looking to make any changes to your roof, this system also allows for that. For example, if you’re looking to install a skylight, a torch on roofing system can be easily modified to accommodate that.Because this method of roofing doesn’t use tar, there is no harsh odor or fumes that would require all occupants of the building to be removed for some time during installation.2ply torch on systems are very popular in wet or damp climates, making it especially ideal for home and business owners in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Installation of 2ply Torch On Roofing

If your existing roof is in decent shape, a 2ply torch on roof can be added over top. If not, the whole roof would have to be removed before the new one is put on. First, we apply a base layer of fibreglass felt to the roof and nail it down. Next, the bitumen is rolled out overtop of the base, and using a blowtorch the bitumen is adhered to the fibreglass. This seals the roof, making it water and sun resistant. A primer is applied around metal flashing for optimum seal. It is often recommended to go in a few months after the initial installation for an extra coating of primer to ensure top quality and durability.