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Metal Roof Installation and Replacement

Metal roofing is quickly gaining popularity among home and commercial building owners looking for top-of-the-line quality and a roofing system that stands the test of time. This roofing system is great for homeowners looking for a timeless and classic look that is low-maintenance and highly durable.

Benefits of Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is a bigger investment than traditional shingles, but where it lacks in affordability, it makes up for over its lifetime and then some. Modern metal roof jobs should last as long as the house itself.Water, snow, ice literally slide off metal, leaving behind no risk to the roof’s structure. Metal does not tear, break, or split, and it is resistant to rot, insects, fire, and mildew. It basically provides an almost invincible shield to your home. In British Columbia, and particularly in the Greater Vancouver area and the lower mainland, having a highly water resistant roof is crucial to surviving the long and rainy winters. In comparison in concrete or title, metal roofing is also remarkably lightweight, which can help maintain the overall infrastructure of your home. If you are building an extension, metal roofing will require less engineering.

It can also be applied over your current roof, so you do not need to completely remove your old roof before upgrading to metal.Metal roofing is also the most environmentally sustainable option on the market. It is made from up to 99% recycled materials, it has a much smaller carbon footprint than shingles, it can reduce energy costs by 20%, and it can reduce the load on air conditioning units as it can keep your home much cooler in the summer months. A metal roof is a great way to update the curbside appeal of your home and increase your property values. At Pro Torch Roofing, we use only the best locally sourced Canadian materials in our projects. If you have any questions about the benefits of metal roofs, or if you would like a quote, contact us and one of your professional roofers will gladly assist you.

Metal Roofing Installation and Replacement

At Pro Torch Roofing, we pride ourselves for our quality workmanship and our quick and efficient service. We believe everyone deserves top notch, professional roofing services at affordable rates and without any fuss.  Located in Vancouver, we provide services all over the Greater Vancouver area and the lower mainland. Our Pro Torch Roofing experience ensures that your strata roofing project is completed efficiently and with minimal inconveniences. We take extra consideration for the occupants of the building and we work hand in hand with property management to ensure that our job is completed professionally, quickly, and with as little impact as possible to the residents. Life is stressful enough without a sturdy roof over your head.

We are committed to minimizing all those worries by providing quality service done by some of Greater Vancouver’s finest roofers. We use the highest quality specified equipment, so whatever the project is, we come with the best tools for the job!  Our team is dedicated to getting the job done honestly, efficiently, and with transparent communication. We work with you throughout the project to ensure you are reassured and satisfied.

Our mission is simple. We want to provide quality service at an affordable price that gets the job done without any hassle. Our Safety Manager is certified with the latest courses and requirements, guaranteeing that every project we take on is done safely and successfully.