What Is Torch On Roofing?

Torch on roofing is a very common form of asphalt roll roofing. The technique involves attaching layers of rubberized asphalt to a roof. Heat is used to melt the bitumen in the asphalt directly onto the roof, creating a waterproof barrier. This form of roofing is often used on flat roofs.

The asphalt membrane that is attached to the roof also contains waterproof resins to ensure there are no leaks. This material is very durable and resistant to the sun’s ultra-violet rays. Unlike other methods for covering flat roofs, there are no thin or thick spots on the roof — it creates a very even and smooth surface. Torch on roofs are very common in Vancouver.

What Is The Install Process For a Torch On Roof?

If it is an established building, our staff will examine the condition of the current roof. If it is in good condition, a new torch on roof can simply be laid on top of it (called a roof overlay). If not, the existing roof may have to be patched or stripped.

Metal flashing is secured to the edges of the roof and flashing primer is applied. The roof is then covered with a layer of fiberglass felt that is secured using a nail gun. The first layer of modified rubberized asphalt is gradually rolled over sections of the roof.

Heat is applied to the underside of the rubberized asphalt to secure it to the roof. Sections of asphalt can be cut to perfect match the shape of your roof and any objects on your roof. More layers of fiberglass and asphalt are added to ensure the roof is completely watertight.

The fire resistance and weather resistance of the roof can be further improved by applying an additional coating a few months after the initial installation.

What Are The Advantages Of Torch On Roofing?

There are a number of advantages including:

> It is a durable material ideal for flat roofs - The material is flexible, strong and is weather resistant. It is resistant to punctures and will last many years.

>It is fast to apply and cost-effective - It is very simple to apply this type of roof, which makes it a very cost-effective approach

>It keeps your home cooler in summer - Because it is black, the roof will reflect more heat, keeping your home cooler in the summer months

>It has a long lifespan - A well-maintained torch on roof will last anywhere between 15-20 years. Because it is so durable, it is unlikely that you will have to repair the roof during this time.

> It is easy to modify - If you make an alteration to your roof, like installing a skylight, it is easy to cut out a section and reseal the area around it.

> The materials used are fire resistant - The roofing material primarily consists of modified bitumen combined with high-quality resins which are fire resistant.

> It has none of the noxious fumes associated with tar roofs - New tar roofs have a very noxious smell that forces some homeowners to move out of their home while the new roof is being installed. You won’t even be able to smell the torch on roof being installed.

How Much Does a Vancouver Flat Roof Cost?

The cost of a flat roof in Vancouver will vary depending on the size, construction and condition of your roof. Typically, torch on roofing will cost slightly more than a traditional asphalt roof. For that additional investment, you obtain a roof that is much tougher and more weather-resistant. Torch on roofing pays for itself in the long term because it requires far less maintenance than most other types of roofs.

What’s the Difference Between Torch on Roofing and Pour-and-Roll?

A pour-and-roll roof uses bitumen that has been heated by a boiler. The bitumen is poured onto the asphalt membrane to act as an adhesive and sealant.

Torch on roofing uses products that have bitumen already applied to the underside of the asphalt membrane. The installer simply heats the bottom section of each layer using a gas torch. They then press the layer to the roof to obtain a very tight seal.

How Does Water Leave a Flat Roof?

The roof is designed with a slight pitch, that causes water to run off in a certain direction.

What Maintenance is Involved?

We would recommend checking your roof a couple of times a year to make sure water is draining properly. You may also wish to remove debris from the roof intermittently.

Do I Need to Replace The Roof if it Has Ponding?

Ponding is when there is an indentation in your roof that allows water to gather. If your roof develops ponding, you won’t have to replace it unless it is leaking.

In some cases, a single portion of the roof can be re-patched to seal a leak. However, if your roof has structural issues, the fix could be more expensive and involve more substantial alterations to your roof.

Why Kind of Guarantee Do Your Provide?

The materials used have manufacturer warranties, which will be given to you when the job is completed. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will always perform work of the highest standard.

Are All Torch on Roof Contractors in Vancouver the Same?

No! It is important to find a torch on roofing provider in Vancouver who has a great reputation, is fully licensed, fully insured and highly experienced. Pro Torch Roofing is that company. We have been roofing Vancouver for many years and have installed many torch on roofs in Vancouver.

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